After my business trip in Hong Kong, I had to go somewhere that has nothing to do with work. Gaaaawd, I'm dying to have a real vacatioooon.

Jandel and I spent our weekend in BE Resort, Mactan. t'was too bad, I had this damn headache in the afternoon. Major buzzkill. I felt like throwing up if I move even just a single inch that Jandel had to go out and get me analgesics and then, I zoned out on him after having a bottle of beer after dinner. I felt awful for having slept soo early than I expected that night.

The next day, I woke up feeling fired up and headache-free! We had room service and all. We recorded videos of us acting silly, jumping on bed, and playing this one particular song with too many takes than I can remember. Hahaha. No swimming happened. Not even on the pool, nuh-uh. We were both soo lazy. Most of our time was spent on being cuddly snuggly sloths. Well, truth is, Jandel just hates the sun. I'm beginning to think he's a vampire.

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