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We've read (too many times) about how successful people go about their day, and we wanted to do the same thing to be...uhm..successful? But, we're too lazy for that. Newsflash: Successful people don't just wake up in the morning, they take charge of the day and make things happen themselves. Well, I've listed 6 of those morning routines here some I secretly hate.

1. Wake up early. I know this sounds tough and demanding especially for nocturnal people. Even I couldn't wake myself up early without depending on my alarm, but rising up early has its own advantage. It gives you a quiet time to simply meditate and to prepare yourself by setting your intentions for the day. Studies show that our brains function at its best after waking up because of the mental decluttering it's gone through while asleep.

2. Healthy breakfast. Insert this well-known adage "the most important meal of the day." I used to be a breakfast skipper during my college days because (1) I wake up late rushing to class most days and (2) I don't know how to cook. I then stopped this madness up until my gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) diagnosis and contemporarily stopped drinking coffee and smoking for a bit and then later resumed when my heartburn episodes subsided. Stubborn, I know. Now, I could never go on a day without breakfast because then I'll have this bad headache and my acid reflux would resurface. Too bad, I've waited something like this to happen to me before I appreciate eating my morning meal.

Successful people never take their health for granted. Eating breakfast daily improves concentration and brain functions compared to an empty stomach. Breakfast is our source of energy to start the day, and skipping it can lead to cravings later in the day leading to unhealthy body weight. It can also affect your mood. Notice when you're hungry you act so grumpy and you easily lose focus?

3. Make a to-do list. Your to-do list is your brain's back-up drive in case you forget something. Write everything you need to do that day to get you aligned with your goals and remind you of what you need to accomplish to avert leaving yourself frazzled and disorganized. You can also write down things you're grateful for to throw in a feel-good vibe in starting off your day. I don't hate this one. In fact, I love making lists coz then I'd loose myself if I didn't.

4. Get inspired. Listen to educational or self-help audio books while driving or commuting. Read inspirational or motivational books for 30 min. to get you in the mood for success and to inject positivity in your day. Well, this one I don't particularly hate.

5. Be updated. Spend quality time with your family/friends over morning coffee. Read the news to stay updated with current events.

6. Exercise. Give yourself a quick boost. Truly, I'm a sedentary type of person. I'm no sporty and my movements are uncoordinated. I'm a real couch potato, and most of my hobbies don't require any physical activity. No matter how grueling of a task it can be, it's very important to my health and whole being, so I need to coerce the life out of me to do it. Post workout, you'll feel more awesome about yourself as it helps elevate your mood.

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