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Common' let's face it. Nobody likes to eat healthy and exercise. Uhm..well, because I do, but eventually have to for my own damn sake. I'm a complete lazy ass. I wish I could just eat pizza and drink soda while binge watching American Horror Story in bed and never gain weight. Ever. But nope, that's just not the case. I've utterly neglected this weight-gaining pattern until I've picked up too many pounds I regret not having paid attention to earlier (or maybe I noticed, but neglected to act on) and you know, it's way easier to gain pounds than shed it. I'm totally fucked. I envy those people who eat a lot and never get fat. Soo unfair, but that's just how the world works. I wish I'm that type of person who loves to be active or who's into sports, but sadly I'm not. I'm an indoorsy type who loves to stay in bed, listen to music, read a book, write online, drink too much coffee, smoke when stressed, and probably could die from excessive sweets. So, how can someone as passively lazy as me transform into a health-conscious critter or fitness buff?

I don't have to wait to catch an illness to start living a healthy lifestyle, right? I want to live up to a hundred. That's an exaggeration, but really, I wanna live longer. Being sick is a waste of money, a family burden, and an exhaustingly fun-sucking state nobody likes to be in. If I exercise, I can be fit and be able to wear stylishly small-sized clothing and feel good about myself. It's like hitting 2 birds in one stone. (No animals were harmed in the making of this post). If I exercise regularly and eat right, I will have twice as much energy and a flood of feel-good brain chemicals than staying in bed all day or couch potatoing in front of the TV.

Watch workout videos. Read fitness books. Get a gym membership. Go jogging in the park or sports center. Subscribe to Women's Health magazine. Follow a fitspiration on Instagram. Create a workout motivation board on Pinterest. Subscribe to YouTube channels guiding you to get in shape. Choose to eat healthy. Ditch self deprivation, have a cheat day! Sticky note of your fave fitness mantra or quote. Start a Meatless Monday Program. Schedule an exercise routine. Rest days are important too. Download workout apps on your phone. Have a workout partner. Go to health shops or green bars serving organic juices and smoothies or learn to make one. Learn the benefits of drinking green tea. Practice drinking lemon water. Set a motivational background on your phone or desktop as a daily reminder of your fitness goal. Do yoga exercises at home. Buy a yoga mat. Make a to-do list. Invest in a good pair of running shoes, sports bra, or workout clothes. Download upbeat music for an energetic vibe. Create a workout playlist. Insert your own suggestions here.

Fitness books you might wanna read:

No Gym Needed - Quick & Simple Workouts For Gals On The Go by Lise Cartwright
(Download eBook epub version)

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz
(Download eBook epub version)

I also wanna share this life-changing & inspiring video I saw from YouTube.

I'm in no right position to tell you this, but stop bullshitting around and wake up from your sedentary lifestyle already. Honestly, I'm never even good at this. At times, I would relapse to my bad habits after my determination boost falls short and the challenge-accepted phase wanes out, but that's just normal. No need to be hard on yourself. That's why we need constant motivational tools to remind us of our goals. It's tough, reaaaally tough, to train yourself to be a better version of yourself everyday, but when you think about the long-term rewards, it's definitely worth the shot. All your struggles will pay off. I don't like working out, but I love the results. So, be a badass and tell your your fats to prepare to die. If you've come to a point that you felt like giving up, remember why you started.

A little takeaway from this post: "Knowing without doing is not knowing."

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  1. Hey, just dropping by! Can totally relate. Living a sedentary lifestyle at the moment, but also currently injured on my left leg so can't really do much. #excuses I want to have a healthier 2017 but I also don't want to keep doing routinary exercises as these didn't work for me the past few years. Still need to find the perfect fit. Hope you've found yours already. :)

    1. Hi Abby! Thanks for stopping by! I'm sorry to hear about your leg injury. Hope it's all gettin' better now, so you'll be able to pick up on your 2017 fitness goals. :) I haven't really had the time to exercise at all esp. on the holidays. Hahaha. That's my excuse, but yours is pretty much legit. Exercising regularly is a BIG challenge for me. I envy you for having incorporated this to your lifestyle. Hopefully, we can both find suitable workouts and be more actively healthy this year.


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