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A lot of shindigs are anticipated over the holidays and what every girl needs is a stunning go-to party look and a simple yet sophisticated makeup to go with it. The girl in the elegant rose gold sequin dress, an inspired look off of Pinterest, is my glam party look. To pull this off, I'll be dress shopping for something similar or closer to the style and for extra options, I've got other dress references below straight out of Pinterest too.

Now that I have a fancy dress in mind, these skincare & beauty products from Sephora are just what I need to complete my reinvention of this glamour and stay golden throughout the party.

1. A ready clean face with the use of Herbivore Botanicals' Pink Clay Soap. This soap bar is gentle to the skin without drying it in case your skin's the sensitive type.

2. Before any makeup application commences, a primer is applied first to improve coverage and to make your cosmetics last longer. Sephora's Smoothing Primer is rich with Vit. E & A and it protects your skin from the sun and did I say it's paraben-free? Yes, it's paraben-free, people!

3. Having done with the basics, a liquid foundation from Benefit Cosmetics, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow!, in I'm Plush & Precious (Petal) shade that fits my skin tone to get a natural and a little bit dewy finish.

4. Or if you prefer a matte finish, then Sleek's Creme to Powder Foundation is a great alternative whichever ones you desire. For me though, I always go for liquid foundation because my after-powder face has this tendency to look cakey and powders emphasize my wrinkles; however, I still wanna give Sleek's powder a try for its lightweight formula with SPF 15.

5. Guerlain's Eyebrow Kit with eye highlighter. Brows are the new black if you know what I mean.

6. This eyeshadow En Taupe Palette from Zoeva is heaaaven! A perfect palette in achieving my glam look.

7. ZOEVA - Rose Golden Vol. 2 Luxury Set. A good makeup brush is every girl's investment. Plus, they're in rose gold! What more can I say, I mean, look at it! These lovely brushes! (Added to my wishlist). Pardon my obvious color obsession.

8. Sephora's Colorful 24hr Waterproof Eyeliner. After the foundation and eyeshadows have set in, a subtle winged eyeliner for those pretty eyes.

Credits to Pinterest.
9. A long wearing travel-size mascara, the Benefit's Roller Lash Mini, to open up the eyes.

10. Contouring, sculpting and highlighting with Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit to give shape to thy face and to help enhance my facial structure. This is essential for me bcoz I have this square facial type and this helps create a slim face illusion. It works like magic!

11. To give off a natural color to the cheeks, Zoeva's Coral Spectrum Blush Palette is a thumbs up.

12. Ilia's Lipstick Crayon in Come Undone (Nude). Found out that this lippie is not just chic, but it's infused with healing organic oils of sunflower seed and coconut. Beat that sh*t! Many hearts for this! See the link to view more of its description on Sephora's page. It's also sulfate- and phthalate-free, I don't know what that means, but it's good to know it's paraben-free too!

13. Of course, we can't just let the face take all the glory, the nails should be just as pretty too. Achieve an attractively long-wearing and chip-resistant nails in an instant with LAQA & CO's Birthday Suit Nail Polish & Pen Duo,

14. Lastly, to feel more confident, spritz all over the MERMAID N° 1 Perfume Spray. Ain't nothing like a well-dressed girl who smells really good.

15. Tweezerman's Rose Gold Love Story Gift Set
These beauty tools that come with a travel case.
Can't help but add this to my Christmas to-buy list. Just because.
Grab this limited edition set. Totally a holiday-perfect present!

Shop more make-up products on Sephora PH here!

Of note, I'm not a beauty expert at all, but I believe makeup is no rocket science and you can be creative with it. The sky's the limit. We can experiment with our look or follow tutorials from a lot of different sources nowadays whatever method works for you guys and with Sephora bringing you international quality beauty products in just a click away is truly convenient. It's about time you reward yourself ladies.

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