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Crappy days or "the-world-is-out-to-get-you days" are lurking around waiting to pounce if you let it and as much as you try to dodge it, it still gets its way to you. Bummer. These are the days that drive you mad when nothing seems to go right and it's almost as if everything gets in your nerve and your brows furrow in exasperation and you grumble in such misery. A hell of a bad day, huh?

Yes, we are all targets of bad days and succumbing to its negative energy turns us into a ball of bad juju magnet that traps us into a loop of misfortunes screaming for it to end. Tough luck.

Whenever my waking-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-bed radar detects mood changes as a reaction to something rather unpleasant, chances are, ruining a good day for me, my mind becomes consciously aware of this (a knee-jerk response I've probably developed over past bad experiences). My consciousness level increases when my placid temper shifts signalling my brain to control my emotions. I practiced this so many times in my head because I don't wanna go psycho on anyone.

To save my day from getting so messed up, I work on improving my mood to get back my positive vibe rolling. When my mood lightens up, it materializes my day into something better. I remind myself to not let one bad thing sabotage a great day.

Do you remember that accident-prone character from Hey Arnold! named Eugene Horowitz? Oh boy was he a jinx. It's amusing how he stays cheerful and optimistic despite his tremendous stroke of bad luck for being born on a Friday the 13th (I don't really believe in it thou).

When I pick up bad aura or if someone is being a total asshole which annoys the hell out of me or a series of bad episodes are hard to avoid, I disengage and remove myself from the situation. I go for a walk and breathe, listen to music, take a nap, talk to a friend, watch a feel-good movie, drink a cup of tea, or play with a pet. These are ways I break myself free from grumpiness because if I brood over the bad things, it will only make it worse and it attracts more bad circumstances. Thinking positively amidst hard times calms and assures me that it will pass eventually, and it usually does.

Have you had a bad day recently? What did you do to overcome or turn it around?

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  1. I have this mindset wherein whenever I encounter a problem during the day, I always think that something good will happen afterwards. It's nice to have a positive mind There's always something to balance my day and I don't let it go completely horrible. (Most of the time. It's still hard to stop overthinking! Haha) Nice read!

    1. Yes, you're right! I also have this tendencies to overthink things, and I just have to stop coz it's making me more anxious. Hahaha. Bad happenings are inevitable, but they won't stick for long. Thanks for leaving your thoughts on this Julia. I appreciate it.😊


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