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Blogger's block alert for fresh content! Staring at my screen for too long waiting like stupid for words to flow, but it didn't.

Consequentially, I ended up delving through my old travel photos looking for writing inspiration which actually worked (red light turned green), because by staring at those pictures I realized that I've almost forgotten how happy I was on that day, so I thought of writing about it and perhaps, all of the good happenings in my life worth reliving. Imagine my excitement when I've sprung up with this idea for a blog post. Writing this brought about flashbacks of happy memories of this trip which I hold dear veiled beneath the cacophony of my busy life.

I'd like to share my Moalboal trip with Jandel a couple of years ago; our very 1st travel as a couple. We've been planning to have this trip for months for our 4th anniversary, which is every 23rd of August, but we ended up not going on that day because of our shitty work schedules. The night before the 1st of September, the thought of our put-off vacay suddenly hit us, so we thought to just fuck it and pushed the damn vacation already. The next day, we woke up early, totally unprepared. All we knew was where we're heading without reservations beforehand. We packed our bags and had a quick run to the mall to buy stuff and did a bit of grocery shopping. (The feels: Burst of excitement when you know you're about to venture to some place you haven't been to with someone you love.)

We took the bus via South Bus Terminal and after what seemed like forever, just kidding, we weren't just used to travelling that's all, (approx. 3-hour bus drive) we stopped by Moalboal's main road and had to ask some locals where Club Serena Resort is located and apparently, it's a bit far from the central highway, and we had to take a tricycle ride to get there. Just to be sure, we made some transportation arrangements with that same tricycle driver to pick us up the next day.

Upon arrival, since we hadn't booked in advance, we had to check for room rates at the reception area and chose the least expensive room available, Casita II, which costs 3,600 php per night. The place was filled with mostly foreigner guests dining in the resort's clubhouse, after all it's already lunch time.

Aerial view of the resort. Got this photo from their website.

After having our lunch, we took a tour of the place, and it was soooo beautiful. The breath of fresh air is just what we needed. We checked in our room, rest for a bit, took a quick shower, and watched cable TV while waiting for sunset.

We woke up so early the next day to go swimming in the beach, but with all the barnacles, seaweeds, and sharp rocks, it makes it pretty hard stepping out of the water. You can get cuts on your feet when you landed too hard on them, so we switched to the pool.

After playing around in the beach, sand, and pool, we went back to our room to shower and dress up and went to the clubhouse to grab some breakfast. The food was fine yet very pricey. That doesn't even include the tax from the menu price. Anyhow, I gave the place 3 out of 5 stars. On second thought, the place offers variety of activities you can enjoy like scuba diving, island hopping, canyoneering, and moto-trailing. You can visit their Facebook page Aquaholic if that piques your interest.

After breakfast, we lounge in the garden drinking our coffee facing the beach listening to the relaxing sound of the waves hitting the shoreline.

No matter where we are, we always enjoy each other's company, so going to wonderful places like this was extra fun and special. We really enjoyed our stay here together, but I'll definitely be planning for a more budget travel next time probably with some tour and other activities going on.


Resort Front Desk:
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