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When I was 17 years old, which was a decade ago, holy crap using the word "decade" actually makes it sound like I'm reaaaally old, but can still pass for a college student *wink*. What's wrong with you people, stop doing mental math of my actual age. OKAY. Going back, when I was younger, I never thought so much about planning my weekends and all that jazz. I just roll with the punches. Sometimes, I end up doing absolutely nothing on a weekend and other times, I'm nursing a hangover from too much alcohol the night before that and badly needed to recover and that's just one of the things I'd waste a whole day on (besides being stubbornly lazy) when I could be doing a million things worth my while.

How many times have you wasted a perfectly great weekend locked up in your room, watching garbage TV shows, blackout drinking, staying up until 4 A.M. on the internet, or staring at the ceiling making friends with shadows on your wall? Okay, the last part is from a Matchbox Twenty's song, but seriously, it's such a waste, right? I'm not a life coach, I'm just another person in this world who strives to be better at being human. Rest days are a working person's luxury, so here's to making the most of our weekends:

Our weekends need to feel different from our weekdays. We don't wanna fall under the "different day, same shit category" do we? As simple as making a plan could go a long way, nothing full scale, just draft out a plan. Having an idea how our weekend's gonna go hypes us up through the week having something to look forward to while having no plans at all ends up with, us, mindlessly spending our time away on things that don't add real value to our lives.

Do personal projects you've been putting off. When the weekend's over, we regret not having done what we really wanted to do. Allot some time for your DIYs, home maintenance/improvements, crafts, or what-have-you that you've been telling yourself you'd be doing but kept on postponing. This is a surefire way to feel accomplished.

On weekend chores and maximizing your mornings. We usually sleep in late on a Friday and also wake up late the next morning, having only half the day to ourselves. Mornings are tricky, but waking up early and doing our chores first thing in the morning leaves us feeling in charge of our day, not being bothered by the impending doom of our dirty laundry, empty fridge, pile of dishes by the sink, unpaid bills, and whatever tasks we need to eventually attend to. Utilizing our mornings leaves us a lengthy day and more time to ourselves.

Weekends are the best time to relax from our rather exhausting weekdays. Here's where you insert your me-time. Take digital breaks. Focus on yourself. Indulge in a good book. Listen to good music. Go to a coffee shop. Visit a bookstore. Have a spa day. Get mani-pedis. Go to the beach. Watch a gig. See a movie. Exercise. Hang out with friends. Dinner out with your partner. Catch up on your fave TV series. Take longer showers. Drink tea. Chill out. Whatever stress-free pursuits you have in mind. 

Find a new hobby. Explore more of yourself or learn a new skill.

Avoid Monday morning anxiety. Preparing your wardrobe beforehand is slick strategy. Make a to-do list of the things needed to get done for the next day. I hate to say this but hell we need to sleep early to feel refreshed the next day.

Have a great weekend humans!

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