by - Thursday, November 17, 2016

It started as a hobby. My first form of blogging was writing on paper. Firstly, I love reading books, and the words, how they're put together to make a meaning, and it hits you and so I wondered if I could do that too. Write.

I wanna improve my writing. I figured that if I could just write everyday, I would become great at it, but I also have this no-writing mood and this yes-writing mood, and other times I'm drifting and being apathetic. Funny how I used to create short stories in high school and typewritered it to make decent copies or so I thought. I have an unfinished novel that I've no idea when to wrap up.

To self-learn. I've learned a few things here and there with blogging.

To keep a memory hard drive. Fragment documentations of my life that I think would be cool to read when I get older.

It makes me forget time. You know you're enjoying doing something when you lose track of time. Blogging for me is fun and feels kinda fulfilling.

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