Life Snippets – What I’ve been up to the last few weeks:

Got my SB 2017 Planner. (Forgetting to write on it on some days)

Had New Year's at my dad's in MNL.

Dad took me and my little half siblings to Enchanted Kingdom.

Went to visit my tita in Cavite after EK.

Attended my 1st holy mass this year. The last time was many many years ago. I don’t really go to church. 

Traveled back to Cebu on the 3rd of January. 

Demanding day job. It may sound like I’m very workaholic for doing overtime, but really, just workloads piling up.

Went to this gig: Hiss From The Moat of Italy on one of their Asia tours live in Cebu under Cebu Extreme Music Production held on the 14th at Fullmoon Recreation Bar. This deathmetal band played like hell. They sound even sicker live. Check out their Caduceus music video on YouTube. Had my picture taken with them, you know, with the fierce, i-dont-give-a-fuck look. See what I did there? Hahaha.

Spent Sinulog with friends roadtrippin’ in the south (not our usual "prititit"). We wanted it to be different this time being away from the street party and crazy crowd. We bought lechon, spicy chicharon, & hanging rice (puso) in Carcar and had lunch in Mantayupan Falls, Barili. Took a dip. Slippery rocks I almost fell. Had a mini heart attack there. Haha. But the experience was super fun and relaxing.

Stopped by Molave’s Milk Station to try their ice cream.

A good pair of running shoes given by my good friend, Ibiang.

Late nights.

Coffeeing with Jandel.

Taking tons of photos with my Fujifilm XA-3.

Got a package from a colleague in HK.

Reading The Vampire Lestat.



Joined watercolor workshop by Bored & Crafty.

Giving importance to skin care. Hoarded facial masks from The Face Shop.

Binge watching my childhood favorites: Ghost Fighter & Trigun.

Everything's too fast for me these days. I can't believe it's almost end of month. I kind of just wish for  s l o w e r  days. I don't know if I'm being productively busy or what. I haven't even started working out, and I feel guilty about it. Haha.

So far, how are you rating your January this year?

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