Konnichiwa! What's up? I'm back with another Life Lately update. So I started February watercolor painting. I'm still getting the knack of it though. I kind of signed up to this watercolor workshop just last month, so lately I've been practicing this craft (crap) hehe hoping to improve. 😉 I've never been this obsessed with flowers since I started this project. I've now been noticing plant colors and anatomy everywhere I go which I don't normally do. ANYWAYS. People are apparently making a fuss over Feb. 14th. Common' it's just as ordinary as other days I suppose. I hate the hype. But to my surprise, Jandel gave me a present waiting for me at the house. He took me out for dinner, gave me chocolates, and spent the night with me watching episodes of Hunter X Hunter and then went to bed together.

In other news, my friend Ibiang & I attended a Lifestyle Fujifilm Workshop held at Harold's Hotel featuring Blinky De Leon, a host from Mag TV Na  and Doyzkie Buenaviaje, a Lifestyle & Travel Blogger.

My first ever exercise this year happened on the 22nd, and like the lazy person I am, skipping workouts is the start of the end as someone put it. I may have to restart my workout then. Heavy sigh.

M A K I N G :  a blog post or at least trying
D R I N K I N G :  water because I’m obsessed with staying hydrated
R E A D I N G :  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson
W A T CH I N G : Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet
W A N T I N G:  to finish 2 books this month
L O O K I N G:  at my laptop
L I K I N G :  being busy
W O N D E R I N G : what I should do with my life, career-wise
H O P I N G :  to accomplish my February goals
N E E D I N G :  to stick to my intention for the week
S M E L L I N G :  petrichor - the earthy smell of rain falling on dry soil
W E A R I N G :  an H&M basic white shirt and Terranova black shorts
K N O W I N G :  that taking action is what moves me forward
T H I N K I N G :  to stop depressing over things and start doing something even if I don't feel like it
F E E L I N G :  determined
B O O K M A R K I N G :  The Mexican Illustrator Who Shows How Fantastic Living Alone Can Be

That's it for a quick update. Till next time!

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